Indah Fire tones by Me+You for Hoffman Fabrics x 6




Indah Fire tones by Me+You for Hoffman Fabrics x 6


106-344 tomato

105-344 tomato

104-150 sunflower

106-499 chartre

104-178 leaf

106-214 aquamarine 

Hoffman California Fabrics designs and manufactures premium screen printed and hand-dyed fabrics for independent retailers focused on the quilting and home-sewing markets, and for other manufacturers and entrepreneurs.

Wonderfully imaginative fabrics originate with a team of in-house textile artists. Many designs are developed from hand-drawn and hand-painted art. In addition, they champion fiber artists worldwide via the annual Hoffman Challenge competition for quilters and sewists.

Weight: Mid-weight (dressmaking/quilting)

The price shown is for bundles each piece being
fat 8th (28cm wide by 50cm long)
1/4 metre (55cm wide by 50cm long)
1/2 metre (110cm wide by 50cm long)