Indah - 106 Adobe by Me + You




 Indah - 106 Adobe by Me + You

The Process by Hoffman

Our process in Bali is thoughtful, conscientious and sustainable. We start with the highest-quality greige (aka gray) goods (100% cotton fabric) that is ready to be given life with color. We then hand-dye each piece of fabric with our color-rich formulas. To create our batiks, the artisans at our factory engrave a metal stamp for each design. Next, the batiker dips the stamp (aka “chop”) in hot wax and stamps the fabric to create the batik. The wax is then melted off in hot water. We recycle the leftover wax to be used again in another design.

Next, our fabric spends some time in the Balinese sunshine to bring out the richest colors. As the fabrics sunbathe, the rinse water with exhausted dyes and bits of wax is run through a modern water-filtration system. The water runs through a series of filters and cisterns. Once the water is clean and at a natural pH level (yes, we test it), the water can be released into the environment. This is Hoffman’s Planet Positive effort to keep our world healthy.

Weight: Mid-weight (dressmaking/quilting)

The price shown is for bundles each piece being
fat 8th (28cm wide by 50cm long)
1/4 metre (55cm wide by 50cm long)
1/2 metre (110cm wide by 50cm long)